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Roof Replacement

Your home means everything to you, and at Flynn Roofing, our roof repair replacement services help you deftly protect your investment while increasing curb appeal. Residential and commercial clients who are wondering “Where can I find roof replacement contractors near me?” will find the solutions they need with Flynn Roofing.

Home Roof Replacement the Right Way

Our experienced roofing technicians use the industry’s leading materials to install a replacement roof you can be proud of and protects the entire family. Not only does replacing the entire roof improve energy efficiency, but it also adds beauty and distinction to your home while boosting the resale value of your property.

Our team is friendly and works meticulously to keep the work area clean before, during, and after replacement. Rely on the preferred roofing contractors in Weymouth MA to beautify your home. Contact us today for a competitive estimate.

Should I Do A Roof Repair or Replacement?

If you’re presently considering whether to repair or replace your roof, the current condition of the roofing system plays the most significant role in determining your long-term needs. Repairs and general maintenance are a constant requirement, while a replacement is reserved only for the direst circumstances.

If you’re experiencing leaks, it makes the situation more pressing – the potential for water damage, which is very costly, increases as the number and intensity of leaks multiplies.

While roofing systems last for a long time, they eventually break down and degrade. It’s always worth considering the age of the current roof to determine the best course of action. Some materials are more reliable and durable than others, so the need for a total replacement will vary. It’s not always possible to reliably determine which ones need replacing based on age solely.

There are several tell-tale signs that a roof may need imminent replacement, including the following.

  • There’s a powdering on the underside.
  • You see flaking in the same area.
  • There’s an abundance of shingles that curl up.
  • You know the age of the roof, and it’s ancient and beyond its warranty.
  • It’s easy to find many missing or broken shingles with a simple visual inspection.
  • The roof has plenty of warped or unsteady shingles.
  • Numerous broken tiles are present.
  • The flashing is damaged.
  • Some visible leaks and openings are present, allowing water and daylight to enter the house.

A visual inspection will identify problem areas to determine needed repairs or replacement.

Why Choose Flynn Roofing as Your House Roof Repair Contractor?

There are multiple excellent reasons to select us for your replacement roof. We consistently work to be one of the leading roofing companies on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Consider these significant benefits.

  • We’re an established local company. Since 1997 we’ve been installing professional roofing in Massachusetts.
  • We maintain an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. That designation means that we’ve been installing roofs since 1997 and always satisfy our customers.
  • We have plenty of happy residential and commercial customers. Getting local referrals and choosing a top-rated company like Flynn Roofing Co. ensures you avoid the typical scams that plague the home improvement industry. Go with a trusted local contractor who knows the area, and the technical requirements to construct, repair, or replace roofs.
  • Add more value with a roofing solution with a warranty. Certified contractors like us provide manufacturer warranties. Don’t choose a vendor who can’t match that offering. The warranty is a guarantee of proper installation that exceeds specific standards for roofing safety. Why take chances with an inferior roofing company that can’t provide the same?
  • Our staff is licensed and insured. Why deal with companies that don’t have the proper paperwork? If something goes drastically wrong, they won’t help. Stay with a decades-old industry leader who will be with you every step of the way before, during, and after your roof’s installation.

Flynn Roofing Co. specializes in the construction, replacement, and installation of new roofs for commercial and residential markets. Our expertise extends to gutter and skylight installation. To round out our offerings, we provide rooftop snow and ice removal services.

Our original philosophy remains intact from 1997. Residential and commercial customers benefit from dedicated sales and service. We’re not satisfied unless you are!

Empower Yourself With Plenty of Choices

Protecting your home from the weather in Weymouth, Newton, Wellesley, Dover, Hingham and surrounding areas requires more than just shingles. We install an integrated system of layers and components that stand up to nature’s most potent forces. The benefits for homeowners is that their house’s interior temperatures and humidity stay regulated.

Certainteed Roofing Provides High-Quality Roofing Options

Another reliable option for shingles and roofing building materials is CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed is a leading American manufacturer of roofing products. We carry their range of solutions to match your needs.

If you have any queries about which roof is best, contact us now. Flynn Roofing understands Massachusetts weather and can help you select the best solution. Don’t underestimate the impact a new roof makes on any home!

Top manufactured shingles and roofing materials provide strong warranties and reliable performance, and that’s the primary reason to avoid using off-brand or unknown suppliers. Although they may save you a few bucks, the degradation of performance will offset those gains.

We carry excellent products made by trusted manufacturers with a long history of success. When you’ve been installing roofs for over twenty years like Flynn Roofing, you instantly know which materials are optimal for the project. We’re confident in our offerings that align with your grand vision for your structure.

GAF Shingles

GAF shingles are stylish architectural shingles that provide advanced protection against heat, humidity, high winds, snow, and other extreme weather events that impact homes throughout Massachusetts.

Available in a wide variety of colors, GAF shingles are affordable and attractive, adding value and beauty to your home. Expert installation from Flynn Roofing Co. helps to ensure they protect you for many years to come.

Benefits of the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System

Enjoy stress-free living, knowing that all of your roofing components work together masterfully. The result is a more comfortable home with increased energy-efficiency. Thanks to the extensive available options, you’re sure to find a style and a color that matches your home and design sensibilities.

Getting the Most Out of a New Roof

The roof is the crown of any property. As such, a well-functioning and aesthetically pleasing roofing system is crucial for the safety and usefulness of the dwelling or structure. Ask anyone who’s had a significant leak, and this person can tell you how inconvenient this problem quickly becomes.

It’s an excellent idea not to cut corners when investing in a roof. The better the system is, the longer it will last while also increasing the value of your home. It’s also smart to choose the most comprehensive warranty, as that’s a strong selling point for the next owner. Many new home buyers consider the roof as a vital element of their proposed purchase.

We’re happy to assist you with suggestions about which material will be optimal, depending on your primary objectives. Let us know what factors are the most essential for you, and we’ll work to turn your vision into a brand-new beautiful roof.

Choose a Roofing Partner Who Understands Your Needs

Flynn Roofing Co., as a local business, knows the area and what it takes to work or live in a safe and comfortable dwelling. Choose us when you’re looking for a contractor that doesn’t abandon you after the sale. Whether you need routine maintenance or help with replacing an entire roof, we’d love to assist.

To say that roofing is our passion is an understatement. Our mission is providing families and commercial customers in the Weymouth, Newton, Wellesley, Dover, Hingham and surrounding areas with the protective roof they need. Your structure and property benefit from security and protection that starts at the top!

Are You Experiencing Leaks?

If you have a leaking roof or there are other signs of damages, call us for expert advice. The key to avoiding massive roofing problems is to identify needed repair work before the problem escalates.

A new replacement roof uses far superior materials than the original ones. They also include warranties, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in product quality. Why not upgrade and unlock all the benefits that replacement roofing provides? Flynn Roofing Co. will help you find the ideal solution for your situation.

Reach out today to get your no-obligation, free estimate.