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Signs You Need a New Roof

How To Spot Signs That You Need A New Roof

Did you know that an average residential asphalt roof can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years? While this is a long time, depending on the quality and age of your roof, it is good to recognize the signs that a new roof could be in order. So here are some of the top indicators to be on the lookout for when in doubt.

Gutters Filled With Granules

If you notice a significant amount of roofing granules in your gutters when cleaning or inspecting them, you may have a problem with your roof. Shingles may wear away due to inclement weather conditions or general exposure.

Roofing granules come in various materials, including ceramic, asphalt, and stone. They work as a protective layer on the roof, providing insulation and protection from the sun, wind, and rain. Granules also add color and texture, improving the home’s overall appearance.

Water damage and premature roof aging can occur when granules fall or break off. Therefore, you need to take action if you see large amounts of these roofing components in your eaves or on the ground.

Buckling Or Curled Shingles

Curling and buckling shingles show that you might need a residential roof replacement. Curled or buckled shingles are common when there is excessive moisture on the roof, which can be due to ice dams, poor ventilation, or extreme heat. Wind and hail damage can also contribute to buckling or curling shingles.

Regardless of the reason, this issue requires immediate attention, and while not always the case, a new roofing system is likely in order. And if a complete roofing replacement isn’t feasible for whatever reason, re-roofing services provide a temporary fix until a permanent solution can get implemented.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles pose a severe threat to the structural integrity of your home. The roof can’t protect the underlying structure from water and other elements without functioning shingles. When shingles are missing, mold and mildew growth, water damage, and even structural damage to the home can occur. Also, missing shingles create an ideal environment for animals and pests to nest or gain access to the house, leading to further damage.

Missing shingles are a definite sign that the roof needs replacement. Shingles can become brittle and prone to cracking and breaking as they age. If you notice large areas with missing shingles, the roof may have a shoddy installation or lack the maintenance needed to keep it solid and durable. In either case, a roof replacement solves the problem.

Sagging Roof

There are numerous dangers associated with a saggy roof. Among the most serious is the strain it puts on rafters and other structural components. In extreme cases, it could lead to collapse. Additionally, a sagging roof can create “pools” of sitting water and entry points for moisture, causing mold and water damage.

Inadequate joists or rafters, lack of support beams or ventilation, and age can contribute to a sagging roof, which is common in older homes. A sagging roof is a definite sign there are severe issues with the roof.

Algae Or Moss Growth Or Accumulation

While algae and moss-covered roofs look enchanting in illustrations and fairytales, in real life, the dangers and causes of algae and moss growing on a rooftop are varied.

These organic materials retain moisture which is detrimental to the integrity of your roof. They add weight to the top of the roof, and the organic matter can contribute to roofing material rot and decay. In addition, moss and algae degrade the roofing system and decrease energy efficiency.

A rooftop with moss or algae needs replacement as soon as possible to protect the underlying structure from UV radiation, weather conditions, rainfall, and temperature fluctuations. And it can accelerate the deterioration of the roofing material, leading to potentially dangerous situations and costly repairs.

Installing a new roof removes these eyesores from the top of your home, making it a healthier, happier, and more inviting environment.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

While other factors can come into play, such as energy rates and use patterns, skyrocketing energy bills can signify that it’s time for a new residential roof, especially if it is older.

Unfortunately, many older roofs lack adequate insulation, leading to higher energy bills due to treated air escaping through the rooftop. Ultimately, damaged or deteriorated roofing systems lead to higher energy bills since the HVAC system must work harder to maintain indoor comfort levels.

Replacing a faulty roof with a new one helps get energy costs under control by improving the home’s insulation and reducing air leakage. A sound roofing system can decrease air infiltration by up to half; a well-insulated roof keeps indoor air temperatures consistent, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.

A New Roof Gives Your Home A New Life

While replacing your existing roof represents a significant investment, it provides numerous benefits, including:

Improved Curb Appeal – A new roof can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. A fresh, well-maintained roof makes your home more attractive and inviting.

Increased Home Value – A new roof installation is among the most enduring home investments you can make. A new roof increases the market value and makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

Improved Safety – A new roof installed by professionals improves home safety by protecting against elements such as wind, rain, and harsh temperatures. Additionally, a new roof can help protect against fire, as some roofing materials are fire-resistant.

For these reasons, it is crucial for homeowners who suspect their roofing needs replacement to turn to professional roofers for help. Experienced roofers understand the processes, material, and labor requirements to make the project go smoothly.

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