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Roof shingles with garret house

The time of the year is here where you need to inspect your roof.  The winter has finally passed and it’s time to assess whether or not it has left damaging effects on your home.

Just as we need to get our annual check ups at our primary care physicians every year, we also need to take a good look at our roof health to ensure it is looking healthy for the year ahead.

It’s no mystery that the winter months in New England can take a toll on all of us…  There is no exception to this rule, especially when it comes to your roof.  

When you think about the winter months and all that they entail, it should come as no surprise that you need to take a good look at your roof to see how it will fare in the year ahead.  You can look at this yearly check up on your roof just the same as your yearly check up at the doctor’s office – a way to make sure that everything is still on the up and up or if it’s time to seek help from a specialist.  

“How do I know if it’s time to seek a specialist?”

As we all know, when we go in for our annual check up, the doctor will do a full body exam. They will ask us all the questions to give a proper diagnosis on our overall health.   

Inspecting your roof for damage is exactly the same.

Granted, we can’t go up to our roofs and ask what the problem is.  However, we can just as easily inspect the roof and get an idea on how healthy our roof is.  


Here are 3 of the simplest ways to know it’s time to seek out a roof specialist:  

  1. Damaged or missing shingles is a sure as day sign that it’s time to get some help. These kinds of issues leave your decking exposed causing major issues such as molding which is the last thing you want your roof to encounter. You will notice this kind of issue quite simply as the shingle will either be completely missing from the roof, or you can see the visible damage on the shingle through discoloration, distortion, curling, or cracking.  This is an easy thing to spot; basically as easy as it is to diagnose a person that goes to see their primary care physician with a giant bruise on their swollen ankle…
  2. Not only can you notice your roof shingles missing, but you can also clearly see when your roof starts to sag and/or warp… If when you look up at your roof and see that there are visible signs of warping and/or dips in the roof, this can likely mean there is a huge underlying issue.  We mean that in the literal sense, as this more than likely means that the structure (foundation) of the roof is having some problems.  If the underlay is damaged, you are at the point where you need to seek a specialist.  This can be compared to someone who goes into the doctor’s office with a protruding bone… There is clearly a bigger issue at hand that requires more than just a quick and easy fix.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, is taking notice of any signs of leaking within the home.  The leak has to be coming from somewhere, and we can almost guarantee that somewhere is rooted in the roof.  Now while this is an easy thing to spot on the inside, the root cause may be a lot tougher to understand.  This is like someone who goes to the doctors and while they look fine outwardly, they have inner symptoms that leave them feeling as though something is clearly wrong.  This is a harder thing to diagnose and requires a specialist to investigate further to get to the root cause and how to improve/fix the issue.

“Well it appears I need to seek a specialist… now what?”      

It’s never fun to realize you need some help.  That being said, we can never get better unless we seek the help that is available to us.  A helping hand, is often our saving grace.

Luckily for you, we here at Flynn Roofing are more than qualified to help you with your roof diagnoses and help you find the solutions you seek.

If you are from Newton, Wellesley, Dover, Needham, Hingham, Norwell or any of our other servicing areas, please feel free to contact us today for a free consultation!