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With each new season comes a whole set of roof maintenance needs. Autumn is no different. Last year, we put out a list of seasonal risks for the fall that can take the shine of this exquisite New England season. This year, however, we want to discuss how best to take advantage of fall.

After reading, the first thing you should do is make an appointment to get your roof checked out and maintenance, repairs and rebuilding done in the most optimal weather conditions.

Exceptional Conditions Means Higher Productivity

Both homeowners and contractors often prefer the fall for roofing: it’s not too warm or too cold, which leads to higher levels of productivity. There’s no snow on the roof and the surface is likely to be less slippery for the roofers. They are going to get things done quicker.

Roofing in the Fall Prepares Means Preparing the Roof for Winter

Most importantly, fixing your roof in the fall means preparing it properly well before winter. If things go wrong in the winter, it’s simply a worse time to fix things, thanks to that New England winter weather; it can be gorgeous, but it makes things hard on everybody, including contractors and residents alike.

But This Means Roofers are Busier

A drawback that you will need to manage this is that this means others will have the same idea and contractors will be in higher demand. You’ll have a harder time finding a highly rated contractor at the right time and at an affordable price. Be the early bird – if you are thinking of having some roofing work done, start looking around and try to book contractors as early as possible in the season. This will help ensure you get the professional standards and care for your roof that you require.

Then Again, Off-Season Can Mean Discounts, Right?

Late summer and autumn are peak seasons for roofing work because of the conditions and homeowners are more likely to be home to supervise. However, if you are looking for a good discount and the budget is tight, then settle for an off-season contract. Late autumn or early winter are certainly better times than mid- or late-winter, of course, but when it comes to taking good care of your roof you’ll be better off having a licensed roofer coming in sooner while it is still fall. Waiting until later risks a severe weather incident, which could complicate things, lead to serious damage to your roof if there’s an underlying problem you haven’t fixed yet, and make that discount you were looking for moot. If you’re looking for an off-season discount, mid-summer is the better time.

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Enjoy the DIY – And Know When to Bring in a Professional

Cleaning the gutters of leaves and twigs and inspecting the safety of overhanging trees are things you can start on your own. If you’re a hands-on type, you might want to do your own inspection of your roof to look for weaknesses. But without a professional eye there are a range of defects and issues that you’re unlikely to notice. If you want to be sure of a proper round of seasonal maintenance, even if just to be sure before the winter, then we recommend bringing aboard a professional licensed contractor to do a check up on your roof.

It’s unlikely you’ll need major roofing repairs, but a professional check-up (as in most things involving a house – including HVAC units, plumbing, you-name-it) can help prevent major problems happening later. So, it’s cost effective to have a health check with a professional at this time of year. And another thing: if your in your 21st year with the same roof and you haven’t noticed anything wrong with it… you still urgently need to get it looked at, especially if it’s been a few years since the last examination.

Getting a yearly inspection is one of the smartest ways to stop any problems in the winter, when major damage can occur, especially on the Eastern Coast. It’s a great way to keep the lifetime costs of your roofing needs low. We always recommend that customers think long-term when assessing what’s best for your roof (and your wallet).

Unsure of What’s Best? Give Us a Call for Some Advice

It’s important to keep your property safe. If you’d like advice on seasonal risks and want to talk about how you can better care for your home, give us a call. We can work with you to evaluate the structural integrity of your roof, test the effectiveness of your gutters, and develop a strong winter defense plan for your house.

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