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Buying a house is a really big investment. And for most, probably the biggest made in a lifetime. With that, there are many things to consider before signing the papers. The condition of the house is obviously one of the most important considerations to make – making close inspection of the house’s structural stability, age, and this most definitely involves taking a look at the roof. Here’s what you should look for in a roof before buying a home.

Inspect the roof from the outside

Check out the roof from the outside, walk around the house’s perimeter and note how the shingles are looking. Are there broken or damaged shingles? Do you see any mold? Make sure the shingles are flat and don’t have any bulges or curly edges.

Check the gutters too, if you’re able, and see if you find asphalt shingle grains. These may be in the gutters if the shingles are worn and old. And if the gutters look like they haven’t been cleaned out in a while, this could be a clue that water has already overflowed out of them and onto the roof. When this happens, the water can cause damage because the water has soaked through the shingles and perhaps caused leakage.

You can also look around the property for any potential problems. For instance, are there big trees that haven’t been pruned nearby? This kind of thing could be a potential problem in the future if there were severe and stormy weather.

Inspect the roof from the inside

Next, look for problems from within and check the inside of the house. Make sure you pay attention to the condition of the ceiling. Look for water stains, bubbles, warping, or sagging. If you notice these things, there’s a good chance there is, or has been, a leak somewhere. Take this as a warning sign and consider getting it inspected further. This kind of damage can really be costly and you should know the details before you decide to buy.

From the inside, you should consider checking out the attic too. It’s the highest point of the house and closest to the roof, so it should give you some good clues about the condition of the roof. Look for mildew and mold, for water condensation or water accumulation.

Get all available information

It’s a good idea to ask homeowners for all available information on the roof. The seller should disclose information like when the last time the roof was replaced, and inspections or repairs that have been made.

Decide if it’s worth it

If you find the roof needs repairs due to lack of maintenance, leaks, or other major issues, you may have room to negotiate the price. However, it may be more likely that you need to factor repair costs into your overall budget – it depends. Either way, you should find out the damage and decide if it’s worth it to you. Hiring a roofing professional, like us, to do a thorough inspection is always a good idea, to get the information that may not be visible at first look. With the information we can give you, you can decide whether or not you should move forward with the home purchase.