A Snow storms are a fact of life in many areas. Massachusetts can be hit hard with several blizzards and snow falls each year. They’re fun for the kids and a headache for drivers. Snow plows usually clear the streets quickly and efficiently, and people remove snow from their driveway and sidewalk.

But what about your roof? It may be time to consider a first-rate professional snow removal company like Flynn Roofing Company to assess your roof snow removal problems. A simple phone call can save you many potential problems throughout the winter season.

A heavy snow fall can cause serious damage your roof. At first, those charming white flakes make for a winter wonderland picture. But as those flakes turn heavy, they become a risk to the structure of your roof as snow accumulates and freezes. Heavy winds can add to the load, as do additional storms. The fact is, roofs are constructed to hold a certain amount of weight, generally around 3 feet. However, a roof is not meant to carry that weight through the entire cold season. Older roofs may be especially fragile. Your roof can “tire” within a few days, or at best, a few weeks. When the snow freezes and turns to ice, it adds additional weight. Roofs with shingles are particularly risky, since snow doesn’t slide off the shingles easily. That is when you may occur critical damage to the structure of your roof. A professional snow removal company, such as Flynn Roofing, can prevent problems before they occur.

If you’re considering shoveling the snow from your roof yourself, consider the risk. The standard ladder in your garage is ill-equipped to hold securely in ice or snow, and you may incur injuries by slipping or falling off an icy roof or shaky ladder. In addition, a shovel can cause damage to your shingles, risking additional damages.
Placing a heater in the attic is another way homeowners have attempted to melt away the snow. That is not recommended, as it presents a fire hazards, and melting snow can turn to even heavier ice. Melting ice turned to water can seep through gaps in your roof and cause water damage inside the building. Also, if snow or ice falls on a guest or passer-by, you may be liable for injuries. Commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic are especially at risk.

So, what is the best answer to safe and risk-free snow removal from your roof? Call a professional with experience and the best equipment to remove the snow from your roof before damages have a chance to pile up and create a major headache for your home or business.

The professional snow removers at Flynn Roofing Company have been doing exceptional snow removal for residential and commercial customers and ensuring that those properties do not incur liabilities, damages or accidents due to falling ice or snow. Flynn Roofing is insured, and its staff is well-trained to meet your snow removal needs. We do not hire subcontractors and do all the work ourselves. We bring 20 years of experience to the job, and our reputation for excellence and reliability makes us the number one choice in roof snow removal in the State of Massachusetts.

If you have any questions, please contact Flynn Roof Company at (617) 479-3431 or at flynnroofing@comcast.net. Check out our website for more information at www.flynnroofing.com