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At Flynn Roofing, we know homeowners frequently struggle with the decision whether to do their own home repairs or calling in a professional. Some are considering the expense of hiring a professional contractor. Others merely enjoy flexing their do-it-yourself muscles. Certain repairs, of course, are easy to do. Others, however, such as roof repair, can be more complicated. Repairing your own roof can lead to serious injury. One misstep on a slippery tile can result in broken bones from a fall. Also, you might end up damaging the insulation or shingles and nullify your warranty. In the end, repairing your own roof could end up much costlier than hiring a professional roofing company.

Mother Nature can wreak havoc with your roof, so it’s critical that the condition of your roof is always immaculately maintained. Roof repair can be complex. If done incorrectly, it can cause many additional problems. Improperly installed shingles can blow off and cause further leaking problems and destroy valuable property inside your home. It takes 12 nails to set one shingle with a nail gun. One mishap and you’ve damaged the roof. Flat roofs, of course, have a different issue. Rain and snow doesn’t just flow off a flat roof. Instead, as it pools and collects, fungus and mold can form. A professional roofer can inspect the roof and drain it before moisture has a chance to accumulate.

If roof damages are handled incorrectly, you could be adding substantial additional expenses in the form of personal injuries or additional costs to have a professional roofer come to the rescue. In many cases, hiring a professional when problems happen saves time and money in the long run. At Flynn Roofing, our professional roofers are trained to spot problems before they arise, which can keep small roof issues from turning into big repairs woes. A professional contractor can ease your mind, as well as your budget.

Safety, of course, is a serious concern when repairing a roof. Snow and ice can cause inherently hazardous conditions for even routine repairs. Falling off a ladder is a serious risk. Our professional roofers come equipped with safety kits to ensure safety at all times.

When you attempt to repair a roof yourself, you risk voiding your warranty that may only be valid for labor conducted by certified professional roofers. This fine print is usually included specifically to prevent damage and injuries caused by homeowners’ attempts to handle repairs on their own. As a homeowner, your home is probably your most important asset. If you are tempted to do your own repairs to save money, you may be equally tempted to save on the cost of quality material. The wrong materials can easily require additional repairs, thereby adding to your cost and headaches. At Flynn Roofing, we have access to the best materials at the lowest prices.

Many roofs constructed prior to 1990 contain asbestos fibers in roofing materials such as shingles. If damaged during DIY repair attempts, these asbestos fibers can be released and inhaled and potentially cause serious lung disease.

While attempting to repair your own roof may at first glance appear cost-effective and even fun, it can be fraught with dangers and complications. To avoid these pitfalls and protect your most important asset, contact Flynn Roofing.