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Do you need a new roof, but you have no idea where to start? Roofing work is hard and having a crew of professionals fix your roof is often a necessity to have the job done right. But any quick search will show there are dozens of roofing contractors that promise you everything with no real guide to what you should be looking for.

Don’t worry! We have created a list of the most essential questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring them for the job. If they are able to check every box on this list, you can feel confident in your decision they’re the right contractor for you. Let’s dive in!

1. Do you have full roofing insurance?

This is a big one folks! It is imperative that the roofing company you’re interested in hiring has complete roofing coverage, and not just contractor’s insurance. Many companies will try to pass their contractor’s insurance as complete coverage, but in reality, it simply isn’t as extensive as full roofing insurance.

Keep in mind that if a roofing company doesn’t offer the right coverage for their crew, if one of their team members falls and isn’t covered, they may be able to sue you. If you decide to hire them, don’t feel apprehensive in requesting documentation from the roofing company’s insurance provider with your address on it. This will show that they do business ethically and have insurance that covers workman’s compensation and liability.

2. Will you remove my old roof?

For the untrained person, this question may not be first on their list, but some roofing companies will try to cut corners when working on your roof. A lot of roofers will claim to inspect your roof and if everything ‘looks good’ underneath, they will just shingle over it.

Roofers must lift up old shingles and examine the wood underneath to properly assess the entire roof. If the wood underneath the shingles is rooting, then it is imperative that they replace that wood. Just shingling over problem areas will only prolong the issue and make for costlier expenses in the future. Do not let a roofer put on a new roof before they’ve taken up the old roof completely.

3. Will you install edge metal on my new roof?

Edge metal (or drip metal) is an aluminum piece placed under the shingle where it comes off at the roof. These pieces are what allows run-off to flow into gutters, rather than behind them. This will protect both the fascia and the roof from water damage, guaranteeing it lasts longer.

If you don’t specifically ask about edge metal at the onset of the project, many roofers may skip over this step when installing your new roof as to save time and costs. Asking about this from the beginning of the project will guarantee it is done correctly and the roofing contractor is on-par with the proper standards.

4. Can I receive a written estimate?

A company should feel confident and comfortable providing you with a written estimate of the job. Don’t settle into a contract with a roofing company until you’ve received a written estimate detailing the costs for the job and an explanation from the contractor. Be sure to ask about the cost for ripping up the old roof, cost of the new roof, and ‘unknowns’ (like the cost of plywood that needs replacing).

5. What accreditations do you have and warranty do you offer?

Reputable roofing contractors will be proud of their accreditations and warranty, so they should be praying you ask them this question. A standard warranty for any roofing contractor should be 25-years. As far as accreditations go, look for whether they’re part of the Better Business Bureau and any other regional roofing associations. Another bonus is if they are certified as a GAF Master Elite Contractor, which only a minuscule number of contractors in the USA have achieved.

Again, this will be another opportunity for them to let you know about their full roofing insurance of both liability and worker’s compensation. They should have accreditations to attest to their ethical business practice and expertise in their field, so definitely don’t forget to ask them to sing their praises!